InnoPad and InnoPix II

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vision toolsInnoPad and InnoPix II

NEW in our portfolio - the ultra curvable LED-material

The new LED material from AOTO Gtek impresses with its extreme flexibility on cabinet base.
  • Flat/Flex screen design
  • Adjustable curve: ±22.5° (InnoPad) and ±45° (InnoPix II)
  • InnoPad can be configured to 90 degree angles

The ultra-light and flexible design allows various formations and creative solutions, such as waves or even perfect circles. Therefore, both products are ideally suited for the rental market and especially for extremely sophisticated installations.

The 4.7 mm InnoPix II material, which was specially designed for outdoor applications, impresses with high brightness and a weather-resistant aluminum structure (IP65/54).

  • InnoPad: 2.9 mm for indoor applications
  • InnoPix II: 4.7 mm for outdoor usage

Simple and safe installation

The ultra-light LED modules are mounted on a rental frame , which makes assembling/disassembling quite easy. With both systems hanging and stacking is possible.

  • Easy installation and maintenance due to magnetic modules (InnoPad 2.9)
  • Hanging/stacking systems

Technical Data


InnoPad 2.9 mm

Application: indoor
LED-Type: SMD 1R1G1B
Pixel pitch: 2.9 mm
Brightness: 1,000 nit
Cabinet size: 500 x 500 x 70 mm
Curving: ±22.5°
Contrast: 3,000:1
Weight: 7 kg/panel
Viewing angle: ≥ 140°
Ingress protection: IP 30

InnoPix II 4.7 mm

Application: outdoor
LED-Type: SMD 1R1G1B
Pixel pitch: 4.76 mm
Brightness: 5,000 nit
Cabinet size: 500 x 500 x 120 mm
Curving: ±45°
Contrast: 4,000:1
Weight: 9.5 kg/panel
Ingress protection: IP 65/IP 54