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The resolution is increasing as well as the  price per m² and is almost comparable with those of LCD displays. This is also the reason why LED demand is growing for applications that have been mainly occupied by LCD displays, seamless diaplays and projections. Already today almost 50% of the LED requests refer to sizes between 10 and 15 m² or/and between 3 to 5 m image width.


Many LCD display manufacturers are already assuming that LEDs will capture the standard displays and LCD screen walls. The manufacturers are currently expanding their portfolio by LED technology and are even buying LED manufacturers.


Large format screens even above the currently available LCD display sizes can be easily realized by using LED-Systems. Furthermore, the modular design of LEDs also allows the assembly of image areas which differ greatly from standard aspect ratios such as 4: 3 or 16: 9  and thus attracts great attention.


Pixelpitch for indoor systems is P3. This means 3 to 3.9 mm. For outdoor P8 is the related pitch, equivalent to 8.0 mm.


For indoor application tomorrow's standard will be P2, 2 to 2.9 mm pitch. A trend towards P5 is evident for outdoor displays. This allows HD playback (1920x1080 pixel) even on small areas.



We offer a market-oriented range of high-quality LED systems for indoor and outdo purposes. Applicable for standard and trade fair up to systems for the highest requirements in terms of color management and signal processing. In the fast-growing market of LED business we are focusing on products that have a broad range of applications that are as universal as possible but meeting current quality requirements. And, particularly important, that our products have a attractive price-performance ratio. So a dynamic return on investment (ROI) can be achieved. Quality, safety and reliability are the basic criteria for vision tools' product selection. All systems comply with German an d European requirements such as CE, EMC and TÜV without exception.


Image Quality

  • High image quality in terms of contrast, color and image processing
  • Optimized angle of view and flatness
  • Best resolution for the intended application
  • Ideal resolution (should be equivalent to HD minimum)


  • Precise mechanics for a simple construction with perfect result (Flatness)
  • Robust and low-profile - rwquired for dry-hire
  • Certified stability and safety


  • Easy cabling
  • High-quality components (LED, power supplies, etc.)
  • Reliable and service-friendly


LED products for dry-hire purouses must be very robust. Therefore the use of LED systems with a pitch below 2.5 mm is critical. The lower the pixel pitch, the more damageable the product and the more difficult and time-consuming is the installation.


vision tools produces its products at well-known quality standards.


  • Factory-tested technology through our own quality management.
  • Our products are certified by TÜV, CE and EMC.
  • Plug & play LED systems - from the LED module to the certified mounting material.


One Batch - Sub-/Crossrental

  • One batch: We are producing our products in large batches from a  single LED selection (batch). We also store diodes of a batch for possible subsequent delivery and orders. Thus it is also possible to supply LED material from a specific production batch over an extended period of time.
  • Subrental: Should further modules be needed for a purchased LED wall our rental department and the vision tools subrental pool can provide these modules.


We offer for all of the LED products a variety of financing services.

LED by vision tools

Please contact our distribution or rental department for further details.