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Image Processing - Mixer, Switcher, Scaler, Router


  • Analog Way QuickVu
  • Analog Way Pulse2/3G
  • Analog Way Saphyr
  • Analog Way Eikos2


  • Barco PDS 902
  • Barco ImagePRO-II/HD/3G/jr
  • RGBLink VSP628PRO-F

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  • Analog Way NeXtage 8-4K
  • Analog Way NeXtage 16-4K

Remote Controller

  • Analog Way ShotBox
  • Analog Way RK350
  • Analog Way Orchestra2

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High-End Seamless Switcher

  • Analog Way Ascender 16-4K
  • Analog Way Ascender 32-4K
  • Analog Way Ascender 48 4K
  • Barco E2 Presentation Switcher
  • Barco S3 Presentation Switcher

Remote Controller

  • Analog Way Vertige

This product is available for rent and sale.


The type and scale of an event and the special requirements for the projection determine the technical instrumentation.

The basic switcher is used for smaller presentations. The number of inputs / outputs corresponds to the requirements of the feeds as well as the output via projector or display.

Midrange systems, on the other hand, already have a larger number of inputs / outputs and are designed to show graphic effects for softedge applications by layer technology.

High-end switches are used as powerful stand-alone systems or cascaded for large events. In this case multi-layered, multiscreen, processing of a variety of media sources (scalers) as well as cross-fading the multi-layer and mixing mode skills are required. High-end switcher have a larger number of inputs and outputs and can realize complex graphic effects for all kind of up-to-date softedge presentations.

Technical Information

The different classes of video switcher are defined primarily by their number of scalers and layers and the different mixing possibilities within the layers.

Analog Way/Barco
Mixing Layer
Nextage 08-4K828*214
Nextage 16-4K828*218
Ascender 16-4K1242*418
Ascender 32-4K1242*4116
Ascender 48-4K1242*4124
Ascender 48-4K-PL
Special: Perspective Layer
Ascender 16-4K+LOE 16-4K1242*8216
Ascender 32-4K +LOE 32-4K1242*8232
Ascender 48-4K +LOE 48-4K1242*8348
Barco S3-4K jr.802/2*22
Barco S3-4K12
Barco E2 jr.1604/4*28
Barco E22808/4*216

*Input-expansion by switching to different connections per input.


  • Panasonic AW HS50
  • Panasonic AV HS410
  • Panasonic AV HS450
  • Sony MVS 3000

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Lightware Digital Matrix Router DVI / HDSDI

  • 8 x 8
  • 16 x 16
  • 32 x 32
  • 40 x 40
  • 64 x 64
  • 80 x 80

These products are available for rent and sale.

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