Analog Way

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ANALOG WAY is an innovation-driven designer and manufacturer, specialized in computer and video signal processing and distribution.

vision tools is the ANALOG WAY distributor and has a certified training and service center for Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Our Analog Way product range includes the full range: Seamless AV Processor Nextage, Multi-Screen Seamless Switcher Ascender, Premium Remote Controller Vertige and products of the Midra series: Hi-Resolution Mixer QuickVu, Pulse2-3G, Multi-Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer / Switcher Saphyr and Eikos2 and the Orchestra2 Controller as well as the Keypad RK-350 and the ShotBox. Accessories & Tools: Output Expander 16/32/48, Secure Power Unit. And the ultimate video processing tool VIO 4K.

Product Overview