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Various field of application

The application fields of presentation switches are diverse and the requirements for flexibility, performance, presentation possibilities and image quality are very different. In addition, budget make it impossible to meet all these requirements simultaneously and with just one device. This is why ANALOG WAY has developed the ASCENDER SERIES which allows a cost-effective system upgrade but can be extended by system cascading as well as gradual hardware and software upgrades thus meeting future requirements.

The Series

The Ascender series consists of three models: Ascender 1602, Ascender 3204 and Ascender 4806. All systems have the same connection options with 12 inputs, 42 variable system connections and four outputs. The main difference between the systems is the number of installed image processors (scalers). They define the performance and the number of simultaneously possible image effects (DVE) as well as the picture-in-picture (PiP).


The Ascender 16 and 32 models can be upgraded to more powerful systems at any time and as required. A cost-effective system upgrade with an Ascender 16 can easily be upgraded to an ASC 32 or ASC 48 with increasing requirements. Thus, every investment is save due to this future-oriented expansion option.

Flexibility by cascading:  Example Output:

If a special requirement makes it necessary to use more than four outputs at the same time, the system can be extended by four additional outputs by connecting a LOE expansion unit. The number of processors / scalers is doubled which increases the performance and extends  capabilities. For sporadic operations this method is recommended. However, in the case of more frequent use an investment in an LOE makes sense. vision tools is your partner for rental and sale of Analog Ways products in Germany, Austria and The Netherlands.

Example: Cascading the inputs:

The Ascender provide 12 inputs as standard. In special cases, however, this is not enough. By combining with a second Ascender, the number of inputs can be doubled to 24. The outputs and the processors are doubled as well. The result is a high-performance, application-specific high-end multi-screen switcher for sophisticated image presentations.

Quick Return on Invest

If two Ascender systems are available - at the price of a Barco e2 system - the modular design makes it possible to equip two separate events at the same time. This flexibility enables users to achieve a fast return on investment than would be possible with the above-mentioned competing product.

Ascender 16/32/48 -4K

The Multi-Screen Seamless Switcher is powered by Analog Ways' new LiveCore™ platform, delivering state-of-the-art processing, soft edge, and 4K support for premium presentations.

Provided with numerous in- and outputs and numerous impressive effects, the Premium A/V Switcher is ideally suited for complex presentations. With the intuitive software for web-based remote control extraordinary visual shows can be easily created. The Ascender 16/32/48 are powerful seamless switcher for live applications based on Analog Ways' new LiveCore platform.

Ascender 16/32/48 -4K at a glance

  • LiveCore platform
  • 12 seamless inputs and 42 input plugs
  • Independent Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring output
  • Full live Preview of all sources (Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring)
  • 4 (ASC3204) or 6 (ASC4806) absolut seamless scaled layers + 1 native background layer
  • Customization of monitoring layouts (Up to 8 templates stored)
  • 2 true-Seamless scaled layers + 1 native background layer per output
  • Advanced Layer Management
  • Rotation capability in output (step by 90 degrees)
  • Outstanding visual effects
  • Communicative architecture
  • Ruggedized and heavy-duty design
  • User-friendly and intuitive Graphic Interface
  • Remote Services
  • Additive modularity

Secure Power Unit SPU001

External safety power supply for the Premium Switcher of the LiveCore series

As an add-on module the SPU001 can be used for the LiveCore ™ devices Ascender 32/48 and the SmartMatriX Ultra which supplies these switches with battery power in case of a power failure for 10 minutes duration. This provides valuable time to either correct the fault or to perform a system backup.


Secure Power Unit at a glance

      • 10 minutes emergency power in case of power failure
      • 2 redundant hot-swap power supplies
      • Supplements the standard power supply
      • Extended monitoring via Web RCS (RS232 link)

Our Analog Way product range includes: Seamless AV Processor Nextage, Multi-Screen Seamless Switcher Ascender, Premium Remote Controller Vertige and the products of the Midra series: Hi-Resolution Mixer QuickVu, Pulse2-3G, Multi-Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer / Switcher Saphyr and Eikos2 and the Controller Orchestra2, the Keypad RK-350 and the ShotBox. Accessories & Tools: Output Expander 16/32/48, Secure Power Unit. And the ultimate video processing tool VIO 4K.