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NeXtage 08/16-4K (LiveCore) - Seamless Switcher for Live-Applications


  • 8 Seamless inputs and 28 input plugs (incl. 2 x 4K HDMI plugs)
  • Input format up to 4K 30Hz 4:4:4
  • Output format up to 4K 30Hz 4:4:4
  • Independent Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring output
  • Full live Preview of all sources (Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring)
  • Customization of monitoring layouts (up to 8 templates stored)
  • 4 true-Seamless scaled layers + 1 native background layer
  • Advanced Layer Management
  • Rotation capability in output (step by 90 degrees)
  • Outstanding visual effects (Flying, Cut and Fill...)
  • Communicative architecture
  • Ruggedized and heavy-duty design
  • Associative modularity
  • User-friendly and intuitive Graphic Interface
  • Remote Services
  • Swappable power supply

  1 PRW   8 IN    2 OUT    3 HE  

8 seamless inputs with 28 input plugs

  • 4 x HDMI (incl. 2 HDMI 4K 30Hz)
  • 6 x DVI-I (2 DVI Dual-Link included)
  • 2 x DisplayPort (4-Lanes)
  • 8 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • 8 x UniversaI Analog (4 x HD15 & 4 x DVI-A)

2 outputs with 5 output plugs

  • Universal Analog (HD15 & DVI-A)
  • DVI-I (DVI Dual-Link available on output #1,HDMI 4K available on output #2 through DVI connector)
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • Video Optical SFP module cage



NeXtage 8/16 Seamless Switcher can be updated to 4K (4K@30 Hz 4:4:4).

Web-basierende Remote-Control-Software (WEB-RCS)

  • The web-based remote control software provides a user-friendly, graphical interface with 3 independent areas: Setup, Edit and Live. The wizard mode helps in simple and step-wise configuration of the device.
  • Dynamic still images of connected sources are available in the interface, and the intuitive control panel allows users to fully prepare their shows as well as live during events.
  • An innovative sequence mode makes it easy to organize the presets by drag & drop.

Our Analog Way product range represents: Seamless AV Processor Nextage, Multi-Screen Seamless Switcher Ascender, Premium Remote Controller Vertige and the products of the Midra series: Hi-Resolution Mixer QuickVu, Pulse2-3G, Multi-Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer / Switcher Saphyr and Eikos2 and the Controller Orchestra2, the Keypad RK-350 and the ShotBox. Accessories & Tools: Output Expander 16/32/48, Secure Power Unit. And the ultimate video processing tool VIO 4K.