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Structural Barrier Obligation
when using high performance projectors

We would like to point out that, when using high-performance projectors, constructional barriers must be provided in certain situations. These are required to prevent direct view into the lens when the projector is on.

There is the danger of injuring the eye when looking into the projection light!

Hazard distance (IEC 62471-5)

The distance at which the level of irradiation has dropped to the level of the applicable exposure limit value is known as the hazard or safety distance. Do not look or stare into the light beam for a distance closer than the hazard distance (RG3 = risk group 3).

Beyond this distance, the laser beam is considered safe (RG2 = risk group 2).

RG3 level is considered to be a hazard to the eyes from direct radiation.

RG2 level does not pose any optical hazard and can be safely used in all situations.



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Disclaimer: We would like to point out that even if the safety distances prescribed by the manufacturer are observed, vision tools accepts no liability for any injuries. It is recommended to wear suitable safety glasses, especially during installation.